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Are you ready to ignite your CREATIVE FLOW & ELECTRIC SENSUALITY?

Are insecurity, shame, tension, or pain keeping your sensual expression small? It's time to embody your true sensual radiance! Explore intimacy with confidence, with pleasure, and without hesitation. Click the image for more info!

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You're in the right place if you want to come back home to yourself. Are you ready awaken your natural state of restful pleasure and ease? That's what Sensual Fertility is all about - rewilding the feminine though embodied empowerment. Do you feel in your body there's a pulse that you've been ignoring, and it's spiralling your life out of harmony? Time to tune-in and turn-on!

Are you a woman who is ready to shift her inner paradigm, and claim your Lioness inside. Within the container of this empowering coaching alliance, emotional pain, shame and fear can be transformed. You can claim your own sensualiy and pleasure - in fact it's your birthrite. It's not so far away as you think! Rewild and open up to your radant potential!

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Active participation is how transformation happens. In hands-on bodywork sessions with me, long held traumas will metabolize and melt. I will hold space and we will co-create releases that are nothing short of revolutionary. We will remap and reimprint your body to it's innate state, of pleasure and ease. Invite your nervous system to integrate a new skill of tacit listening.

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What if "infertiity" is a actually just a sympom - and that there is somehing deeper to heal. This is time for a sacred missing conversation. To lean into the wisdom of our body, and to discover and heal the layers we are being asked to look at. Awaken sensuality and pleasure as the keys to healthy conception and birth. Claim your journey to concious concepion and your empowered rite of passage!

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Womb work can catapult women into deeper resonance with their truest selves, ignite sexual radiance, and rediscover a wellspring of wisdom. We journey together to open up into your pelvic pandora's box. We metabolize and reclaim your pelvic history, and reimprint your body for pleasure and fertility! It's time for your creativity and radiace to take flight.

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Meet Sarah Lou

Did you know - pleasure and sensuality are the touchsones for awakening a woman’s wellbeing, fertiilty, and mind-body brilliance. 

Sarah Louisignau is an industrious nurturer, loyal to ancient traditions, and commited to discovering innate wisdom with her clients. She is practical, intuitive, and inspiring, and is motivated to be in deep service. Combined with her incredibly unique skillset as a Transformative Bodyworker, Doula, Empowerment Coach, and Pelvic Health Expert, she forms lifelong bonds with her clients as co-designers of an awakened life, navigating the pleasures and perils of life with sensual embodiment. READ MORE...

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What My Clients Say

My clients strive to understand the deeper layers of their lives, to help them discover harmony within themselves. They are the most inspiring humans EVER, and I feel so blessed to have ha the opprtunity to serve their awakening to radiance within!

" I really feel at rest knowing that my womb knows what to do! I am no longer in doubt or desperate to get attention. I feel more relaxed, and certain that I don't NEED anyone anymore. I'm in no rush, I know what I'm looking for, and I know that I can be myself"


"I really value deep connection with women, and because of my history with girls bullying me, I have been holding back. It feels so good to let the story GO, of having to stay small in order not to outshine other women. I am ready to take my talents and my sexuality to the next level!"

- N.K.

"Sarah is very fine tuned and works with your energy, because she listens with her heart and with her hands. She is intuitive enough to taylor the session to your needs and not to a specific style or sequence of “massage moves”. She is also very knowledgeable of the body and uses that knowledge to read your body and meet your particular needs."

- M.M.

"It's like I don't even have to think about slowing down, I just drop into this awareness, conscious about this part of my body, and it just happens. I just AM slowing down. I don't have to over-effort it. I'm just ready for anything - open to possibility."

- R.Y. 

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Hello! I'm Sarah Louisignau

I’ve been called the Transformation Doula. Well if you don’t know what a doula is, just imagine a nurturing emotional support person, who guides you through the transitions of your life. 

Often Doulas support laboring women. When there is a situation with a lot of intensity, like birth, it’s REALLY valuable to have someone there to calm and soothe you - someone who's BEEN there before. 

I like to say that I do this for women (and men) through all kinds of “birthing”. Whether that’s actually birthing a human being, a big creative vision, calling in a legendary love life, becoming an entrepreneur, or facing a life transition.

I have an amazing partner named Kjetil Strand whom I co-create my life and work with. We have over 20 years combined experience of exploring deep healing modalities and holding space for our clients in this way. 

WE have created a system of supporting the awakening to radiance within called the Flow Surf Method. 

I believe that FERTILITY is an important conversation for all of us to be having. It’s how an organism displays it’s wellbeing, after all. If an organism isn’t healthy enough to reproduce, then something is going on worth looking at. 

I also believe that the life force within all of us THRIVES when we actively tune into what I like to call the Pleasure Response - AKA the opposite of the stress response. This is accomplished through exploring pleasure and sensuality in a slow way that honors natural rhythms.  

I work with clients who are looking for something… who have been looking for this certain way of living in accord with themselves, in harmony with nature and their own hearts. Many have been looking for decades!

I work with thirsty women and men who are ready to take the deepest plunge inward of their lives. Folks that have found their lives to be in a familiar plateau - and just cannot bear to try another band-aid approach.

I have been there personally. 

I have been buried myself, under 6 feet of duff - excuses, fears, shame, a history of sexual trespass, cheating boyfriends, victim stories, and then deep pain in my physical body that finally made me have to slow down and face myself. 

I have been curious all my life about discovering what was TRUE. Recently I realized there is no such thing as objective truth. Everything is filtered through my own experience of reality. I realized that all I have is my own experience, and how I interpret it. No one else has the answers for me!

That was a huge Wake the F-up Sarah Moment. 

So what is empowerment, what is fertility? It’s living in accord with the deep values that we hold in our hearts, as compassionate sentient beings, and NEVER wavering from our true north within.

It’s a really profound journey to explore such radical self love and permission - to be ENOUGH. 

That’s why I make myself available to my clients in full contact coaching and bodywork alliances. This is about sustainability, rewilding, and COMING HOME.

Hiring a coach isn’t like hiring a therapist. It’s absolutely different in every way. A coach helps you realize yourelf as who you were meant to be (and alreay are!)... rather than dissect what happened to you before, and why you aren’t that person now.  

I use the powerful piercing (and benevolent) arrows of sensuality and pleasure to reach into the neurology, into the body, mind and heart to achieve lasting transformation. 

This work is about breaking the patterns of ancestral b.s. so that we can grow up - and get out of our own way. 

Dispell shame and self sabotage becase the world needs your magic and medicine!

It’s also about breaking the patterns for the future generation, so we can raise our next generation free of the bondage of the past.

If you’re ready to break free, it’s time to grow up. And by that I mean GROW IN. 

As Janis Joplin so poignantly sang, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose.” 

If you’re curious, book a free consult with me today!

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Release-Self Doubt Around Romantic Relationships

Radiant Woman Coaching

Sarah works with women who are ready to shift the paradigm, claim their Lioness inside, and who dare to live fully awakened, sensual lives – in love with themselves.

  • Are you an entrepreneur, mother, partner, or wellness professional looking to up level your communication, lifestyle design, sensual or sexual freedom, or restart your relationship?
  • Do you desire to live your life with a spark inside you that fuels your creative visions, inspires those around you, and fulfills your longing for purpose?
  • Are you living with a disconnection to your full feminine range: a depleted feeling – sexually, sensually, creatively, or spiritually?

Sarah passionately offers coaching alliances for women exploring embracing their sensuality, tenderness as strength, empowered vulnerability, and radiant lifestyle design. 

She believes that, as women, we have the unique power of creativity in our womb, a wisdom that we too often push aside. 

A profound relationship with your own innate sensual wisdom inspires healthy relating with yourself, family, and community. 

This is the path of the ardent female, the radiant lioness – she is inside us all. It is time to peel back the layers of shame and self doubt and stand with your Lioness Inside.

What if you had someone in your life who really saw you, saw this passionate care inside you, and believed you could succeed? Someone who could help you bridge the gap between the ecstatic vision you have for your life, and the way you are living it now?

This is what I do. 

Transformative Bodywork

Sarah is the Transformation Doula. She guides her clients on transformational journeys through their bodies, and acts as a conduit for awakening their innate sensuality and intuitive healing capacities.

Sarah works with powerful men and women on deep journeys of unlocking their innate radiance and sensuality, through the container of vedic thai yoga bodywork, maya abdominal massage, pelvic dearmoring and sensual bodywork.

For over a 15 years her drive to study the mind-body connecion has taken her all over the world, to discover the best modaliies for deep transformation. 

Her passionate mission is to irradicate pain shame and fear and ignite pleasure and sensual ease in all she works with. To change the narrative from victimization to empowerment. 

Sensual Fertility & Birth

Sarah is an advocate for women in many stages of life, and is especially passionate about fertility, prenatal, labor and postnatal support.

She comes to this work with over a decade of professional experience as a Fertility Coach, CAPPA trained Doula, Mayan Abdominal Massage therapist, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and Fertility & Pregnancy Yoga Therapist.

Her goal is to synergize with a mother-to-be in and to compliment her own innate feminine genius.  

She honors the process of every woman in her journey through fertility, pregnancy, and birth as a rite of passage. 

She is dedicated to bringing women back to their sacred feminine wisdom, which is the birthrite of every woman.

She holds the torch of transformation high, for women to come into the light of their own radiance, to know their worth, and to claim their dream of natural fertility and birth.

It is ultimately through this powerful metamorphic journey that she reclaims her life.

Sarah works with committed couples who want to transform their infertility, who are thirsty to blast through this and get pregnant RIGHT NOW, are resourceful and ready to think outside of the box, and who identify as healthy and successful otherwise in their life, yet know they want more. She offers a revolutionary 8 week program that truly delivers.

Womb & Pelvic Empowerment

With a more subtle and energetic perspective, Sarah uses her background as a Doula, Transformative Sensual Bodyworker, and as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist to work with the sacred energies of feminine power. 

The hemispheres of the pelvis have emotional significance, and working with energies and flow allows for great healing to take place. 

She works with women to unlock the creative sensual potential harnessed by every woman at her womb, and this work can bring about transformative releases of past programming, past trauma, abuse, or blocked creativity.

Womb work can catapult women into deeper resonance with their truest selves, ignite sexual radiance, and rediscover the wellspring of wisdom available to her. 

A workshop, private session, or premium package with me will help you rewire and embody empowered relationship to your sensuality:

  • Discovering your pelvic floor muscles, and how to live inside your pelvis with shame free sensuality.
  • Stress incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapsed organs, or hysterectomy related issues become empowering areas for personal growth – not pathology!
  • Sexual pleasure awakening including: demystifying orgasms, cervical de-armoring, sensation during sex, pain free sex, re-association with sexuality, sexual trauma clearing, sexual energy awakening and play, embracing your inner Ethical Slut
  • Pelvic & Abdominal Bodywork: how to do it yourself or experience the gentle and precise hands of a professional bodyworker trained in this arena
  • Unlocking you creative energies – whether you want to conceive a child, or birth a project, you have access to infinite creative energy inside you. It just needs to be let free!

The story of your sensual femininity is carried in your pelvis and womb – this story needs to be sung out and felt for you to transgress, find tenderness inside you, and grow. 

Sarah is called the Transformation Doula because she holds space for her clients to do just this work, in a safe and nurturing container of unconditional love and support.