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Are you ready to ignite your CREATIVE FLOW & ELECTRIC SENSUALITY?

Are insecurity, shame, tension, or pain keeping your sensual expression small? It's time to embody your true sensual radiance! Explore intimacy with confidence, with pleasure, and without hesitation. Click the image for more info!

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You're in the right place if you want to come back home to yourself. Are you ready awaken your natural state of restful pleasure and ease? That's what Sensual Fertility is all about - rewilding the feminine though embodied empowerment. Do you feel in your body there's a pulse that you've been ignoring, and it's spiralling your life out of harmony? Time to tune-in and turn-on!

Are you a woman who is ready to shift her inner paradigm, and claim your Lioness inside. Within the container of this empowering coaching alliance, emotional pain, shame and fear can be transformed. You can claim your own sensualiy and pleasure - in fact it's your birthrite. It's not so far away as you think! Rewild and open up to your radant potential!

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Active participation is how transformation happens. In hands-on bodywork sessions with me, long held traumas will metabolize and melt. I will hold space and we will co-create releases that are nothing short of revolutionary. We will remap and reimprint your body to it's innate state, of pleasure and ease. Invite your nervous system to integrate a new skill of tacit listening.

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What if "infertiity" is a actually just a sympom - and that there is somehing deeper to heal. This is time for a sacred missing conversation. To lean into the wisdom of our body, and to discover and heal the layers we are being asked to look at. Awaken sensuality and pleasure as the keys to healthy conception and birth. Claim your journey to concious concepion and your empowered rite of passage!

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Womb work can catapult women into deeper resonance with their truest selves, ignite sexual radiance, and rediscover a wellspring of wisdom. We journey together to open up into your pelvic pandora's box. We metabolize and reclaim your pelvic history, and reimprint your body for pleasure and fertility! It's time for your creativity and radiace to take flight.

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Meet Sarah Lou

Did you know - pleasure and sensuality are the touchsones for awakening a woman’s wellbeing, fertiilty, and mind-body brilliance. 

Sarah Louisignau is an industrious nurturer, loyal to ancient traditions, and commited to discovering innate wisdom with her clients. She is practical, intuitive, and inspiring, and is motivated to be in deep service. Combined with her incredibly unique skillset as a Transformative Bodyworker, Doula, Empowerment Coach, and Pelvic Health Expert, she forms lifelong bonds with her clients as co-designers of an awakened life, navigating the pleasures and perils of life with sensual embodiment. READ MORE...

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What My Clients Say

My clients strive to understand the deeper layers of their lives, to help them discover harmony within themselves. They are the most inspiring humans EVER, and I feel so blessed to have ha the opprtunity to serve their awakening to radiance within!

" I really feel at rest knowing that my womb knows what to do! I am no longer in doubt or desperate to get attention. I feel more relaxed, and certain that I don't NEED anyone anymore. I'm in no rush, I know what I'm looking for, and I know that I can be myself"


"I really value deep connection with women, and because of my history with girls bullying me, I have been holding back. It feels so good to let the story GO, of having to stay small in order not to outshine other women. I am ready to take my talents and my sexuality to the next level!"

- N.K.

"Sarah is very fine tuned and works with your energy, because she listens with her heart and with her hands. She is intuitive enough to taylor the session to your needs and not to a specific style or sequence of “massage moves”. She is also very knowledgeable of the body and uses that knowledge to read your body and meet your particular needs."

- M.M.

"It's like I don't even have to think about slowing down, I just drop into this awareness, conscious about this part of my body, and it just happens. I just AM slowing down. I don't have to over-effort it. I'm just ready for anything - open to possibility."

- R.Y. 

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